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Brookwood Medical Center

Brookwood Medical Center

About 10 months ago we were introduced to the FiltaFry service and began utilizing it into our fryer management practice. To date we are seeing tremendous success. Our current program with the Filta group removes one of the biggest risks; filtering and dumping fryer oil. Safety is key in our business and to remove one of the most dangerous and most necessary duties of the kitchen not only excites me but the kitchen staff as well. In addition to the safety improvement, we have seen a reduction in oil usage, cleaner fryers, and an increase in the quality of food.

In closing, I highly recommend the FiltaFry service to any food service establishment with deep fryers. The service pays for itself through labor and oil reductions, improves morale, and our food quality is as good or better than ever!


Filta Franchise Owners and Technicians provide service to thousands of Medical facilities.

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