In partnership with Centerplate, Filta is pleased to announce that Filta has been named the “primary/preferred” provider of fryer, oil management, and walk-in cooler management.


What is FiltaFry?

FiltaFry provides an eco-friendly, mobile onsite service for the micro-filtration of cooking oil, the vacuum-based cleaning of deep fryers, and professional cooking oil and fryer management. Centerplate locations receive a comprehensive fryer management service, which includes temperature calibration, cooking oil micro-filtration, and a thorough vacuum detailing of each fryer.


What is Your Impact on the Environment?

Environmental Impact Report

Your location will be provided a comprehensive Environmental Impact Report and Certificate for the FiltaFry service quantifying your sustainability effort. These reports are great to share with your corporate office and your clients.

Download a Sample Report →


Getting Started

Since each Centerplate unit is unique – Your local Filta location has agreed to provide a completely free site evaluation. During the site evaluation, the Filta service technician will visit your unit daily for a week, noting, what and how you cook as well as oil and fryer condition and ordering and inventory practices. After that evaluation, Filta will offer you a demonstration or possibly a few Free Service Visits – so you can experience the benefits first hand. Filta services any location with 2+ fryers and works across all sectors including Business and Industry, Sport & Leisure, Healthcare, Convention /Area, and Higher Education.

Service Pricing & Requests


Interested locations should contact Filta directly at
1-866-513-4582 to inquire about service or fill out the request form below and a Filta representative will contact you. Service not currently available in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, South Dakota, West Virginia or Wyoming.


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