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Chef James Rose – Star of TV cooking show Southern Chefs talking about FiltaCool

JJ came by here and brought me some FiltaCool and put it up in there and installed it into our produce cooler. Hey, I had a very enlightening time with it. We talked about it and we talked about it but then he installed it.

We ordered produce right before Christmas. Then we had that Christmas break for two weeks. Came back, believe or not, everything in the produce cooler was absolutely fabulous. I see my zucchini was green, my squash was great, my tomatoes were still plump. I was amazed about it.

I’m letting you know that FiltaCool really works. Hey, if you don’t believe me, you get out there and try it. That FiltaCool, it was amazing to me. In the cooler, it stayed just as fresh. FiltaCool is a great product and I recommend it in the highest. This is big country coming at you, letting you know. We’re at Alabama. It really works!

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