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Commercial Kitchens are Helping Prevent Crime with FiltaBio

Commercial Kitchens are Helping Prevent Crime with FiltaBio

Why is my collection bin missing… and where is my used cooking oil? This is the puzzling question that commercial kitchen operators have been pondering more and more over the past year, and will continue to think about as 2012 will be a year in which cooking oil theft is projected to increase. Last year, hundreds of thousands of gallons of used cooking oil was stolen as a result of rising oil prices and a discrepancy on how the perpetrators should be charged. This is leaving owners and law enforcement authorities baffled by what to do.

You can place looking mechanisms on the bins or move the problem inside, but the easiest way to prevent oil theft is simply not to store any on site. Sounds simple enough, but the oil must still be removed and recycled responsibly. Many kitchens are now turning to Filta for a bin-free solution. Many of our locations have outfitted their FiltaFry service vans with waste oil tanks and are able to remove the oil directly from the fryers at the time of cleaning. The response to FiltaBio has been overwhelming, and more and more commercial kitchens select the eco-friendly service that removes the bins and barrels from the service location. By removing the problem, pests and perpetrators find themselves looking elsewhere to satisfy their desires. From there, the oil is safely transported to be made into biodiesel, the environmentally friendly alternative to petrochemical-based diesel. So say “bye-bye” to your bins and barrels. Right from your fryer to the Filta van…no bin required. For information on the FiltaBio service, contact your local FiltaMan.

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