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Employee Morale is Key for Restaurants

Employee Morale is Key for Restaurants

Wondering what the new implementation of labor laws and minimum wage increase means for you and your business?

Trying to retain employees is becoming more and more difficult for restaurant operators. Newly implemented labor laws and a reduced workforce have made staffing one of the biggest challenges facing the foodservice industry. Productivity and employee morale are the keys to retaining good employees and managers are constantly looking for next way to make improvement through innovative systems, processes and tools.

Every staff member is an investment in the business so helping workers do their jobs more effectively should be one of the top priorities managers need to cultivate within their operation. Why? Because the National Restaurant Association reported that over 53% of restaurants are having difficulty with retaining and recruiting employees to some degree.

One of the more difficult and dangerous jobs in the kitchen is maintaining clean fryers and changing cooking oil. Savvy operators not only understand the impact on food quality but also see an opportunity to improve employee safety and morale. Outsourcing the management of fryers and oil to Filta is becoming more and more common. Filta’s service provides operators with the best possible result at the lowest possible cost while allowing operators to utilize their kitchen staff more effectively.

NRA QuoteFilta is dedicated to making sure employees are free from the dangers associated with changing the oil in fryers. Operators usually see a reduction in the amount of oil used which helps offset the cost of Filta’s service. Having professionals clean fryers can develop a culture in the kitchen that makes staff feel like a valued member of a team; thus, helping operators retain employees.

Employees are the largest and most important investment any restaurant makes. The National Restaurant Association has projected the foodservice industry will gross over $700 billion in revenue by the end of 2015, which is a 20% increase in sales since 2010. This growth creates an even smaller labor pool for employers to attract and retain employees that are critical to their success. Outsourcing practices like Filta can help operators create differentiation in their work environment that are critical to the success of their business.


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