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Filta Aims to Help Relieve FOG in Commercial Kitchens

Filta Aims to Help Relieve FOG in Commercial Kitchens

Fats, Oils, and Grease, also known as FOG, is typically a messy and expensive side effect of food preparation done by commercial kitchens. FOG is the natural side effect in food preparation done in the deep fryers, but the biggest problem with FOG has been the environmental aspect. If grease traps are not installed properly, there is a potential for environmental contamination, a visit from the EPA, legal woes, and increased labor costs to fix the problem.

For many operators, this problem has a simple solution, FiltaBio. The FiltaBio service provided by Filta Franchise Owners relives the need of a grease trap or stinky bin, allowing the potential headaches to dissolve away. One of the great aspects of FiltaBio is that it is used alongside the FiltaFry service, which is the mobile micro filtration of cooking oil and the vacuum based cleaning of deep fryers. Many are already benefiting from the service that has a regularly scheduled pickup of used cooking oil.

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