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Filta For the Win Earth Day and Every Day – EIRs Itemize the Savings

April 22 is Earth Day, but Filta clients work each and every day to save the planet by filtering and extending the life of cooking with FiltaFry, reducing energy consumption and food waste with FiltaCool, and turning oil into biodiesel with FiltaBio.

With Filta as a partner, commercial kitchens across the country and the world make a positive environmental impact daily and those savings add up. In fact, since 1996, Filta has collectively recycled nearly a billion pounds of oil servicing more than 7,000 customers internationally. Check out the rolling ticker on our home page…the tally is just shy of 900 million at this writing!

So, our clients can tangibly see the savings, we provide industry leading EIRs (Environmental Impact Reports), documents that itemize for our clients just how great an effect we are making on the eco-system. Take, for example, work we did in just the last quarter of 2021 in only three Orange County, Calif. venues had an effect like planting nearly 3,400 trees. Ethan Cohen and Jason Sydlowski work in many commercial kitchens but in just three (JT Schmid’s, a popular restaurant, the Honda Center, and UC Irvine Brandywine) they were able to show a total savings in packaging, greenhouse gas emissions, fertilizers, and pesticides and more for a total positive impact that was like planting 422 trees at JT Schmid’s, 1,117 trees from work at the Honda Center impacts, and 1,838 trees from efforts at UC Irvine Brandywine.

Across the United States the story is the same. In the New York City area, Keri Gardner and John Michals’ service on the 23 50-pound fryers in New Jersey’s Red Bull Arena for just five months last year resulted in saving 3,650 pounds of oil and collecting/recycling 2,360 pounds of oil – for a net effect which was like planting 437 trees. Another Jersey location, FirstEnergy Park, has 16 75-pound fryers. Gardner and Michals helped that venue save 7,220 pounds and collect/recycle 2,640 pounds of oil over a 9-month period for a net effect like planting 589 trees.

From farming and processing crops to packaging and shipping the oil, the environmental impact of getting oil to fryers is obviously astonishing. It’s like if you were to buy a new, single use dispenser each time it was empty by your sink instead of filling that hand soap pump from a gallon jug instead – just imagine the ramifications of all that extra plastic, packaging, shipping, delivery, etc. trickling downstream.

Similarly, commercial kitchens that use Filta’s services and buy oil in 35-pound jugs reap savings from farming and processing costs (including land, water, pesticides, fertilizer, and lime), packaging and transportation (including plastic, cardboard and diesel), and much more.

In addition to the packaging savings, the net positive CO2 effect of recycling oil into biodiesel is also itemized in Filta’s EIRs from reductions in particulate matter, hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and more.

For clients who are more and more responsible for itemizing their carbon footprint and accountable for helping the earth, Filta’s EIRs can be a lifesaver. They visually tally the total savings from all these efforts in an understandable and detailed way for clients. We’re looking forward to having our 150+ franchise owners continue to work to improve the ecosystem, fryer by fryer, pound of oil by pound of oil, and the entire Filta network is looking forward to the next billion pounds we can save.

Happy Earth Day to us and to our many valued clients!

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