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Filta Spurs the Economy and Jobs with Hiring

Filta Spurs the Economy and Jobs with Hiring

Filta Franchise Owners across the nation have been actively helping the economy by creating jobs in their local markets with the hiring of part time and full time employees. Franchise Owners are adding jobs by employing service technicians, sales professionals, accountants and other administrative support staff that any growing business needs. Since Filta’s green services naturally preserve the environment, it becomes a place where many are able to make a living and make a difference.

Filta Franchise Owners provide a mobile based onsite micro cooking oil filtration service for local commercial kitchens. The service known as the FiltaFry service is helping prolong the life of cooking oil and provided consistently cleaner fryers for those kitchens, all while promoting sustainability. What Filta calls the “Fryer Management” service, extends far beyond the kitchen. Once the cooking oil has come to its end life, Filta Technicians will have a regularly scheduled pickup of the waste cooking oil.

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