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Filta to Launch Eco-Award for Customers who Promote Environmental Excellence

Filta to Launch Eco-Award for Customers who Promote Environmental Excellence

August 21, 2012
Source: Newsday

Restaurants and commercial kitchens have long sought ways to be recognized for their sustainability efforts and to communicate to their customers that they are part of the eco-friendly movement. Filta, the world’s largest mobile based cooking oil management service, is about to provide a tangible way for commercial kitchens to show their environmentally forward practices by launching the Filta Eco-Award. “The Filta Eco-Award will be given to customers who have shown environmental excellence in the aspects of cooking oil handling, fryer management, and waste cooking oil recycling,” Tom Dunn, Filta’s COO stated, “The Eco Award is a great way for commercial kitchens to display their commitment to the green movement.” The award will be provided in certificate form, as well as a window or wall cling that can be hung at or near the entrance of the facility.

Filta provides a mobile based service for the micro-filtration of cooking oil and the vacuum based deep cleaning of fryers. This unique service helps extend the life of the cooking oil, which in turn can reduce the amount of oil purchased and the resulting impact on the environment. Additionally, Filta is the only company in the U.S. to offer a bin-free waste oil recycling service. Known as FiltaBio, Filta can take the waste cooking oil directly from the deep fryer out to a special tank outfitted in their vans, without the need for an onsite grease bin. This allows the customer to avoid the problems traditionally associated with grease bins such as odors, pests and spills. From there, the oil is recycled into biodiesel and the customer is given a full report on its sustainability efforts.

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