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FiltaFry Plus welcomes female franchisees

filta2FiltaFry Plus has perhaps been associated with being a more male oriented business model in past years. However, this year has seen two more women franchisees join the successful and ever growing network in the UK.

In April FiltaFry Plus welcomed aboard Karen Herbert from Bridgend who has taken over the CF postcodes and Deborah Bixter from Rugby who has taken over the CV postcodes. Both Karen and Deborah had some reservations at first as to whether they would be physically strong enough to move the highly specialised equipment around with ease but soon realised that this is down to technique and not brute strength. They have both settled well into the network and are developing their businesses in line with their original goals.

Karen intends to grow her business within the year to enable her partner Ian to give up his full time job and join her to operate a second shift thus maximising the potential of the existing equipment and resources. Since taking on the Franchise Deborah has won customers such as the Ricoh Arena, home to Coventry City FC, the local Ikea store and Warwick University. She is eventually looking for a management role by having a number of operatives working for her in the CV postcode, which she will develop over a threeyear period.

“From the outset I could see the benefits of the FiltaFry Service due to massive price increases of cooking oil and the savings that catering establishments make using FiltaFry Plus,” Deborah reflects. “Due to the economic climate this made it an easy decision for me when choosing the franchise opportunity. My previous career was in customer services and I understand that it is all about being able to offer a high level of service and going that extra mile for your customers.”

filta3Prior to taking on the FiltaFry Plus Franchise, Karen had taken some years out from care work to bring up her daughter. She was finding it increasingly difficult to work her hours around school times, which eventually lead her to FiltaFry Plus. “FiltaFry Plus is a franchise, which does not need to be nine to five and the hours that you arrange your jobs for can be fitted in and around your family life,” says Karen.  “You can always find different customers for any hour of the day or night which will also be good once Ian comes on board to operate the second shift.

 “Something I also like about the concept is that it is repeat business week in week out and once you have 35-40 customers you have a full van for a one shift operation and with relatively low overheads this means I have great earnings potential. My experience with FiltaFry Plus so far has been everything and more than I expected to receive, particularly in the early days with support from the Head Office team who have helped me get clients such as Cardiff Airport, Moto motorway services and Bosch among many others.”

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