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FiltaFry’s a Smart Choice

July 6, 2009
By: Frank Luca
Source: Article Cell

Busy owners of fast food establishment know, that one of the biggest complaints and causes of insurance related losses happens right there by the fryer. Instances of burns, slips and falls and other injuries due to an improperly cleaned or maintained fryer cause a great stress on the budget of any restaurant – and some have looked into other options for this often complained about task.

When looking into the costs, you might be saying to yourself, “But I only pay my employees X amount” and it would cost me more than that to hire some outside help. Not so, actually, when you consider the cost of replacing poorly maintained fryers. Throw in the cost of injuries, and the hassle and time of hiring on new employees and training- suddenly, the cost does not seem to be all that comparable.

Next, let’s look into the cost of constantly replacing the oil! It gets pretty pricey and then when you weigh all of that against what it may cost to hire outside help like a Filtafry technician, things start to look a little less stacked against that

How Would That Help Me? This works in many ways – first, let’s look at the most obvious. In the much shorter time it takes for the technician to maintain your fryer, the hourly wage you would have spent balances with that. Secondly, no employee involvement, means less chance of burn injury. Running a fast food business, you know that the teens you hire aren’t always as careful as they should be and that can really bite you when the insurance for those injuries hits. Lastly – the secret’s in the oil. Replacing oil constantly from poorly cleaned fryers adds up over time. When having a filtafry technician come out and filter your oil cuts your use by a half in many cases! Think of the money you are saving, there. Properly cleaned and maintained fryers also last much longer and perform much better, in addition to producing much better tasting food

In addition to this, you don’t have to figure out what you’re going to do with the oil when it has reached the end of its use. The same technician that’s been cleaning it comes, drains it and takes it away – and even better, this is an environmentally friendly option which is something I know that many of us are striving for, as well

In short, balancing all the pros and cons of hiring on a Filtafry technician versus having your own employees do it actually makes more sense. Less chance of injury, less mess, and less downtime on your fryers are just a few of the benefits, but also, the fact that you are doing something great for the environment just makes it that much more beneficial. The truth is, if you look at the bottom line, utilizing a local filtafry franchise just makes much more sense.

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