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Florida Marlins

Florida Marlins

FiltaFry is going on their second season with us here at Marlin’s Ballpark, in Miami, Fl. They have been instrumental in keeping all our grill stands, kitchens, etc. sparkling clean of all fryer equipment. Also, at the end of last season, they performed boil outs on all needed equipment. Thus insuring this equipment getting back to a new look. FiltaFry has a schedule they keep to maintain their goals based on our objectives. But anytime we call FiltaFry is here on the drop of a dime. Also year ending, a consolidation is done helping us determine our consumption of oil, improvements suggested for better results, and tips on how to better take care of our valued equipment. I can honestly say anyone who might get FiltaFry aboard for any of your needs, they will only be an asset to your team!


Filta Franchise Owners and Technicians provide service to hundreds of Stadiums.

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