Our Franchisees

Wondering who’s the ideal Filta Franchise Owner?

Never stepped foot in a commercial kitchen?

Our Franchisees come from all walks of life and many are already successful business people. In addition, we have some restaurant folks, former pilots, telecom operators, insurance representatives, administrators, construction workers, sales reps, grocery managers, and more.

We believe if the training is good and the system is good, that a good Franchise system should generally be able to take any driven individual and turn him or her into a success story. In fact, it’s more than a belief – it’s what we do every day.

Why Filta commits to an “ideal operator” profile.

While job titles, industry background and experience have little bearing on success as a Filta Franchise owner, there are common denominators that we look for.

The ideal operator has determination and persistence. You have to be of the mindset that free demonstrations lead to your success. When there are days that booking appointments are a challenge, you can’t simply drive home; a van in the driveway does no good.

You’ve got to be a service oriented person. Why own a business in the service industry if you’re not a people-person?

Honesty is another important quality, as we intend to be partnered for the long term. We run our business on integrity and honesty and we expect the same of our Franchisees.

Though none of the Filta Franchise systems are complex, the ideal operator must be a quick learner. You’ll need to pick up instruction and execute so you can move on to building your business.

Customers are the biggest advocates we have and are integral for building referral business. This means being customer-focused is key. If there is a problem or issue, it’s important to be solution oriented with the upmost commitment to resolution.

Confidence and good self esteem are necessary traits for success in any service business, ours included.


The Readiness Factor

Aside from the obligatory good financial background, it’s all about passion and determination. We want partnerships that are advantageous for both sides.

We’re not in the business of hard sales. It’s not our style or part of our culture. For this reason, it’s paramount a person comes to our Discovery Day already interested in the concept. This means they’ve been on through our website; they’ve read our information package, participated in our online presentation with our Vice President of Franchise Development and have done some preliminary research.

We want you to say, “Yes, I see this. I see the market. I see the size of the market. This fits and I can see how I can be successful doing this.”

Are you there yet? Great, contact us.


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