Go Green. Save Green. Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions

The equipment we use… The services and products we offer… are truly “Weapons of Mass Reduction”

Not only for reducing costs and employee burns, but also for
reducing YOUR impact on the environment.

Reduce & Recycle w/ FiltaFry

  • Reduce the amount of oil used
  • Reduced oil use means less trash created by the number of plastic and cardboard boxes
  • Reduce the number of boxes being shipped around the country
  • Reduced energy usage with improved frying practices
  • Reduced chemical usage through better fryer maintenance

Reduce & Recycle w/ FiltaBio

  • Reduce the amount of oil used
  • The waste oil is converted & recycled into biodiesel, reducing emissions on the road

Reduce & Recycle w/ FiltaCool

  • Reduced food wastage through longer food product life in cooler
  • Reduced Energy usage through more efficient cooler operation
  • Extended life of equipment (up to 40%) through less “on time”