The Filta Eco Award for Environmental Excellence

What is the Filta Eco Award?

The Filta Eco Award is given to our customers
with establishments that have clean fryers, clean
oil, good frying practices, has an eco-sustainable
program in place and has been certified by a Filta technician.

Filta has taken the initiative and lets customers know by displaying
the “Filta Eco-Award” Sticker at the entry door or window of the dining establishment using the FiltaFry service.

This sticker represents to the customers that these establishments have taken extra care for the kitchen cleanliness while working to become eco-sustainable.

They accomplish this by following these guidelines:

  • Hygienic Cleaning of fryers
  • Regularly performing the micro-filtration of their cooking oil providing better quality tasting food
  • Extending the life of the cooking oil
  • Recycling of their used cooking oil into biodiesel once it has come to the end of its life