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Harbor Chase Dining

Harbor Chase Dining

As a lifetime worker and manager in the foodservice industry for twenty-five years, I have spent many long and arduous hours cleaning and filtering fryers, and as such I am keenly aware of the effect that quality oil and fryer maintenance can have on an establishment.  In my current position as a dietary manager for an assisted living community for three years now, I inherited an older fryer machine that had seen nearly fifteen years come and go and had developed a thick and universal coating of carbon debris along the walls and elements. When first approached by the Filta company I was skeptical that anyone could bring my fryer back to a reasonable condition and was contemplating purchasing a replacement fryer within the year. I am happy to admit that I was wrong, and that in fact Filta and their respectful employees not only cleaned and filtered my fryer to my personal specifications, but have actually brought the appearance and function of my fryer back to a point that it looks and cooks like new. The cost involved in using Filta’s service equates to the savings I reap from longer lifespan of my oil, reduced labor needs from my staff, and no longer paying for a foul smelling grease bin in my parking lot. Additionally, my staff morale increased noticeably from the start of Filta’s service since my hourly employees no longer had to do the job that nobody wanted to do, which has saved us many headaches from constantly monitoring staff to insure the fryer is cleaned properly. While I always check behind any work that vendors, contractors, and staff perform I have found that Filta performs consistently to my standards whether I am standing over them or not. Filta has provided myself, my staff, and our establishment a fine and reliable service and I highly recommend the Filta company to any and all who use fryers regularly.


Filta Franchise Owners and Technicians provide service to thousands of customers.

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