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A few months ago some guys from the Filta Company came in and, of course, I’m running around, crazy, busy and I really don’t have time to sit down and talk with them. But, they explained a little bit about the program, what they do and ask if they could set up a demo, and I said sure let’s go for it. Set up a day and at the back of my head I’m thinking these guys are not going to come in to clean my fryers better than I can, sure thing, no problem. Nothing else, I’ll just get a free fryer change item, get a clean for a day, why not. Save a little bit on labor, no problem.

The guys come out and I’m asking questions, how does this work? How is this different from my filter machine? Just kind of the basics, how is this going to cost? Is it going to be worth my while? Worth my time and effort? And then of course let’s get down to the brass tack, let’s see what this actually does.

The fryer itself, I’ve got to give it credit with [inaudible 00:0054] as I can do it, maybe a little better because he’s a little over but that’s okay. The big thing that got me was we took a little shot glass and filled it up with oil from the fryer both before and after. That was where I saw a very huge difference. Not so much in the color of the oil, but more the clarity. Being able to look through to two-three inches worth of oil and still be able to read a business card was ridiculous. The clarity of the oil was amazing.

What I was saving on oil versus what I was paying is actually washed out. The real savings came in on my labor. One guy, two, three times a week burning a couple of hours in time to change both fryers, and I’m not having to pay that anymore, well, that’s beautiful right there. I’m saving, good six, seven bucks a week just on labor. I could have him doing other things like I don’t know, cleaning up my wok and cleaning the floors, cleaning out the reach-ins, polishing the chef’s car.

It all came down to what was going to be cost-effective and when we first started I was paying about $21 a box for oil. Well, that was six months ago, I’m up to about $29 dollars a box right now. I’m actually making more money back now because oil’s gone up, the more expensive oil gets, the better this product and its services is going to be.


My meat purveyor sent me the wrong stuff, and I’ve been trying like crazy to get liquor orders done and get a keg for this party I’ve got.  Well, the one thing that I didn’t have to worry about today was one of the fryers was going to get done, because they were already done when I walked thru the door.  Gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful.

One less thing off my brain that is already full enough with pricing and pricing, timing, getting everything else straight out, I don’t have to worry about fryers anymore.  Beautiful.

I said hey, can you just take my oil for me? I’m sick of having this grease bin out back, of course, the dumpster guys may pick it up. They’ve grabbed the fryer  bin a couple times, just that kind of situation. Well, okay, now my guy from Filta is taking my oil away from me, it’s getting recycled and sort it out to bio-diesel, and that works for me. I’ve got one less thing I have to worry about, I don’t have to call this grease service guys to get a check every quarter. Beautiful, I can just forget about it.


Filta Franchise Owners and Technicians provide service to hundreds of Hotels.

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