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National Franchise Filta Group Launches Oil Recycling Service

National Franchise Filta Group Launches Oil Recycling Service

March 30, 2010
Source: Earth Times

The Filta Group is pleased to announce the addition of FiltaBio to its line of services unique to the franchise world and commercial kitchen management. The green service, known as FiltaBio, offers a one-of-a-kind solution for dealing with waste cooking oil issues common with almost every restaurant and commercial kitchen in America… it takes the waste oil from the fryers directly off-site, eliminating the need for waste oil storage bins at the premises.

Filta’s new solution also offers a clean, safe, environmentally responsible way for restaurant and commercial kitchen owners to make sure their cooking oil ends up in the tanks of clean, eco friendly, diesel engine vehicles and not in landfills.

The need to dispose of used cooking oil can pose major problems for small restaurants and large chains alike. The risk of dealing with used cooking oil for recycling can cause a commercial kitchen or restaurant to deal with a host of problems ranging from lack of storage space, to vermin issues from cooking oil laying around, to increased insurance liabilities from the removal process.

On top of these issues, used cooking oil can have a significant impact on the environment depending on how it is processed after removal. Virtually 100% of the oil collected by FiltaBio will end up in the diesel tanks of vehicles as clean fuel. In fact, many of the vans Filta uses are fueled on the very cooking oil they travel to filter.

“I tell all my customers that my waste cooking oil goes to make biodiesel. They love the fact that we help the environment,” said Phil Coppen, owner of The Cricketer’s Pub in Orlando, FL. “In fact, recently a company exhibiting at a waste recycling show held a dinner at our restaurant because of it.”

The goal of FiltaBio is to finally give restaurants a safe, controlled, insured, and reliable way to improve operational efficiency and reduce impact on the environment. The people at Filta know that everyone would do their part to help the environment if it made sense for their business’s bottom line as well. Environmental responsibility can be tough when businesses are already fighting to stay alive. That is why FiltaBio makes sense. The service is the perfect complement to Filta’s other offering FiltaFry.

When FiltaFry and FiltaBio are combined, waste cooking oil never needs to be stored prior to disposal. Filta Technicians are able to take used oil directly from a commercial kitchen’s fryers to completely eliminate both the risk of emptying oil from fryers by inexperienced staff, and the cumbersome burden of storing used cooking oil while awaiting pickup. The ability to remove oil storage all together also eliminates the increased risk of vermin infestation due to improper storage techniques. This is a particularly attractive benefit to restaurants in urban areas where limited space for storage may cause some businesses to break municipal codes and dispose of cooking oil improperly.

“We have the unique ability to take the oil off-site directly from the fryers, eliminating the need for the unsightly and unhealthy waste oil bins out back. Wherever we offer the FiltaBio service, customers take the service for this fact alone. Overall, we hope that FiltaBio will be the cause of a significant increase in the amount of cooking oil that gets recycled into usable diesel fuel. FiltaBio just makes sense,” says Filta Group President Jason Sayers, “It fits perfectly into our core mission to provide commercial kitchen solutions that reduce liability, cost, and environmental impact. A result we are proud to be a part of in this current economic environment.”

FiltaBio was a natural evolution for the Filta Group. The company has been dealing with cooking oil for over 15 years since it first came on the scene. The company’s most popular service, FiltaFry, offers micro filtration for cooking oil coupled with a thorough fryer management system that simultaneously reduces the liability of grease induced burns and increases the useful life of cooking oil. Many well known customers such as Chick-fil-a, Ruby Tuesdays, and hotel brands like DoubleTree and Starwood hotels, already outsource their fryer management on some sites to Filta through the FiltaFry program. The addition of the FiltaBio disposal and recycling system will allow kitchen managers across the country to outsource yet another traditional burden of running a restaurant or commercial kitchen.

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