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5 Deep Frying Tips from Filta

Nothing is much more satisfying than perfectly prepared, crispy fried chicken or French fries that are crunchy outside but soft inside. Or how about a deep-fried cheese stick that stretches out into a hot, gooey thread? Nirvana. But it’s not always easy to produce consistent, deep-fried deliciousness in the kitchen. Here are 5 tips to […]

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Top 5 Food Safety Tips for Commercial Kitchens

Serving delicious food and providing excellent customer service are, with no doubt, essential to running a successful kitchen. However, without enforcing strict food safety rules, they can become worthless. Everyone who works in a commercial kitchen has the large responsibility of ensuring food safety by steadfastly adhering to tried and true methods of keeping preparation, […]

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“Do the Right Thing” – the Filta Motto

At Filta headquarters in Orlando, there’s a sign that says: “Do the Right Thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” It’s a Mark Twain quote and that “Do the Right Thing” saying runs deep throughout the office and ripples out nationwide to our Franchisees. This motto embodies the integrity and importance of […]

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4 Steps to Optimize Kitchens in Healthcare Facilities

Since 1996, Filta has been providing fryer management services to commercial kitchens of all kinds, including those in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and assisted living homes. Therefore, we thought that it would be interesting to explore the different steps healthcare facilities can take to optimize their kitchen spaces in terms of safety, nutrition, and creating an […]

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Universities are Going Green with Fried Food

When you think of a university going green, you usually think recycling, conserving energy, using digital sources, or at least recycled paper in textbooks. But universities – and today’s students who are often referred to as the “sustainability generation” – are increasingly demanding deeper and deeper environmentally proactive measures and are holding decision makers accountable […]

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Georgia job growth strong as unemployment remains at record low

Source: The Atlanta Journal Constitution The stock market has plunged, interest rates have climbed, inflation may be biting, and talk of recession is in the air, but business has been pretty good at Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions. Like many Georgia employers, the Athens-based company has been less worried about finding customers and more worried about obtaining workers […]

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