FryerPower, the environmentally friendly fryer cleaning powder from the Fryer Management Experts

The only fryer cleaning powder on the market to get the EPA registration and it’s free. 


It’s FREE!  Yes, that’s right, we will give any commercial kitchen 5 bags of FryerPower absolutely free.


Our local Filta Franchise Owner or Technician will deliver the bags to you.  All we ask is that you allow us to show you our FiltaFry service in action at your premises.

If we don’t have FiltaFry coverage in your area, we will ship you 5 bags of FryerPower.  We even pay the shipping.

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There any many fryer cleaning powders on the market.  Most do a very good job.  The biggest 2 differences with FryerPower….

  • It’s FREE
  • It’s EPA registered so it’s non-harmful to the environment.



  • Safely and easily clean your fryer with FryerPower.
  • This easy-to-use packet offers effective cleaning with convenience, simplicity, and pre-measured control. The convenient packaging and super concentration also saves space and reduces waste.
  • For a 50lb fryer, simply fill your fryer up to the grease line with water and add one FryerPower packet to the water and turn-on the fryer.
  • As the fryer begins to boil, the unique formula attacks grease and grime cleaning it from the inside out.