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Restaurants Can Save 5% on Insurance by Using Filta

The Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions Franchise and Navion Insurance Associates have teamed up to offer restaurants and food service operations  a discount of at least 5% on their insurance costs, when the facility uses Filta’s FiltaFry service.

According to Eric Magee, Navion’s President, “Restaurants that use the FiltaFry service dramatically lower their exposure to workers compensation and general liability loss.  Filta effectively reduces employee exposure to hot oil and the hazards of cleaning fryers. It is simple – Since there is reduced risk, the restaurant deserves a better rate.” Eric says he has firsthand knowledge of the dangers of working with hot cooking oil and has a few scars from his youth to prove it.

Current Filta Customers can ask their local Franchise Owner for information on the program or contact Navion directly.  For food service establishments not yet familiar with the FiltaFry service but are interested in reducing their risk and cooking oil consumption, should contact Filta directly.  Filta offers a free on site demonstration of the FiltaFry service and will show you how the service can benefit your kitchen and your bottom line.

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