What is FiltaBio


What is FiltaBio?

Once the cooking oil has come to the end of its life, we can collect the used cooking oil and immediately remove it safely from your site… in most cases with no waste oil drums or containers continually attracting rats and other unwanted issues.

From there, the waste vegetable oil is purified and the majority sent to be made into biodiesel, the safe and environmentally friendly alternative to petrochemical based diesel.


Our Commitment

Global Warming, Energy Independence, Pollution… these are just a few of the myriad stresses that our planet is facing due to our reliance on petroleum-based fuel. We need a change. Filta is committed to sending our waste oil to be turned into biodiesel, which is safe for our planet.



The vast majority of the waste oil goes towards making earth and people-friendly biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel can help clean up the planet by:

  • Reducing over-all truck emissions by 70%
  • Eliminating acid rain-causing sulfur emissions
  • Displacing cancer and asthma-causing diesel fumes
  • Creating local jobs and more local energy independence