FiltaFry | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is FiltaFry’s service necessary? / Why should we have Filta perform the service for us?
Before and after fryer micro oil filtration and fryer cleaning

Frying oil and fat rapidly deteriorates with the build-up of burned carbons and other suspended particles. Regular filtering reduces the onset of this chemical breakdown, extends the life of cooking oil and creates better food presentation. This is the reason that many fryers have basic built-in filters and many establishments purchase specialized filtration machines.

However, these basic filtration machines are rarely used because it takes trained personnel to operate them and most restaurants/catering outlets/food-preparation facilities use part-time “unskilled” labor, often employing teenagers to handle this complex machinery. Other findings have concluded that many kitchen accidents are the result of burns from fryers and that most, if not all, employees despise changing the oil and cleaning the fryers (so this important task is rarely performed). Also, a great deal of money is wasted on oil being thrown away which was still of a suitable quality to use (again, a result of untrained personnel and poor cooking oil filtration).

FiltaFry’s oil filtration services minimize the risks to kitchen personnel, reduce accidents and insurance claims, and increase employee retention by taking the messy undertaking of oil filtration and fryer cleaning off your hands. Other benefits of the FiltaFry service include: Increased cooking life of oil, improved food quality, and consistently cleaner fryers. On top of all that, FiltaFry’s service charge is normally covered by the reduction in oil purchases and increases in labor savings!

FiltaFry will provide you with all of the aforementioned benefits even if you already perform your own oil filtration and fryer cleaning. By doing so, you demonstrate that you care about your oil and will therefore benefit further from the FiltaFry service. Don’t believe us? Contact us and we will provide you with a FREE demonstration of our services so that you can decide for yourself.

2. How do I know FiltaFry can deliver all of the benefits that it claims to?

Contact us and schedule a free demonstration. There is no charge for the demonstration and once we perform the service for you at no cost, you may then decide whether this service will benefit your organization.

3. How much does FiltaFry charge for the service?

Pricing is determined by the frequency of service, size and quantity of fryers. Once we provide you with a free demonstration, we will then provide you with any necessary costs, should you decide to continue the service.

4. I have a question that wasn’t answered here. What do I do?

Please call us toll-free at: 1-866-513-FILTA (4582) and ask. We look forward to hearing from you.