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Slips, Falls and Burns… major accidents in kitchens

Work-related burns are one of the leading causes of occupational injuries in the restaurant industry. 

One of the most common injuries are scald burns, which is when the skin comes in contact with hot liquid or steam. Scalds from water are very frequent in the restaurant industry and can cause third degree burns.  However, scalds from hot oil are generally more severe than those from water.  This is because oil heats to higher temperatures, and oil is thicker so it may remain on the skin for a longer period of time.  With the constant growing of the food service industry, keeping employees safe in the kitchen has become one of the highest priorities for restaurants owners. 

Another serious work-related injury in restaurants is slip and falls.  Many serious burns occur when employees slip and reach to steady themselves.  This action often can knock hot liquids off of counters and stove tops on to the worker.  Another instance could occur if an employee is carrying full containers of hot liquids. 

Among the most dangerous job duties of a restaurant employee is the removal of oil and cleaning or “boiling out” of deep fryers.  This task is very time-consuming, unpleasant, and unsafe.  However, the Filta Group’s FiltaFry service greatly reduces, and almost completely eliminates, the dangers behind managing commercial deep fryers.  With its unique machine and safety equipment, FiltaFry’s mobile onsite cooking oil filtration and fryer management service system completely takes the responsibility of dealing with the deep fryers away from the employees.  The service includes filtering the cooking oil, discarding of the waste oil, cleaning the deep fryer, and calibrating the thermostats, while making sure the surrounding area is clean and hazard free.  Thus, by relieving the employees of the duties of cleaning the deep fryers, FiltaFry gets rid of majority of restaurant related injuries.  Employees will no longer have to deal with hot deep fryer oil, which cuts down on scalds and burns, as well as possible slip and falls.

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