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The Green Ladle Dips into Local Commercial Kitchens

Filta took an environmental stand in local commercial kitchens by offering eco-friendly services to them in 1996. With Filta’s continued growth, their service offerings have increased as well. One of its newest offerings comes in the form of a newsletter, The Green Ladle – Dipping into Environmental Kitchen Solutions, which lands in commercial kitchens this month. Filta will be using their environmentally responsible focus and channel it into a jovial community and educational piece based on the aspects of “going green.”

The Green Ladle will focus on the green aspects of commercial kitchens, and will also share best practices that kitchen operators across the nation will be able to use. It will also target key sustainability issues within the kitchen and how to overcome issues involving the management and disposal of cooking oil.

As kitchens begin to be more environmentally friendly, The Green Ladle will be a great addition to commercial kitchens. Be on the lookout for its inaugural issue that is set to launch in February 2012.

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