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This is a recommendation letter for the services of FiltaCool. It seems we are always trying to combat the issues of moisture in our coolers and freezers in the restaurant industry. Filta Systems finally has something to offer to help us rectify this problem; which is FiltaCool. I installed these in my walk-in beer cooler which is very sizable (6000 cubic feet). The results that they achieved more than covered my expense. They were able to achieve a 5 degree temperature drop and control my moisture problem. This was a great benefit to me and the product which is store in there. After the filters completely dried out the unit I no longer had to worry about my evaporators and condensers freezing up. I look forward to having these filters for many seasons to come.

If you are looking to control your moisture problems, achieve target temperatures and decrease maintenance costs these filters are definitely worth giving a try!


Filta Franchise Owners and Technicians provide service to hundreds of stadiums.

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