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January 10, 2006
Source: Casino Journal

What’s New – FiltaFry

FiltaFry’s mobile onsite cooking oil filtration and fryer management service greatly reduces the constant threat of accidents, burns and other injuries in a commercial kitchen’s frying operation by assuming all fryer cleaning and maintenance tasks, resulting in reduced accident and insurance claims and lower labor costs because employees have more time for other responsibilities.

Because FiltaFry’s filtration system increases the life of cooking oil, some restaurants have seen their oil costs reduced by as much as 50 percent while at the same time improving the taste and quality of their fried food. Deep fryers are a mainstay of countless commercial kitchens and require constant attention, yet FiltaFry President Victor Clewes said they often receive the least attention.”The job always seems to be given to the l6-year-old who just got hired,” Clewes said. The company said casinos, many of which operate multiple food and beverage outlets, could benefit greatly from the FiltaFry services.

While FiltaFry helps employers keep a lid on the costs associated with workplace injuries, the service can save commercial kitchens considerable amounts of money through a combination of labor savings, increased equipment life, and the reduction in oil purchased.

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